Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an order?
Browse the categories under the “Products” tab to view our available catalogues. Then, use our contact form or send us an email with the products you are interested in and we will get back to you!

What are your business hours?
Walk-in customers: 11am-2pm Mon-Fri
Secure pickup/drop-off: 24/7
We offer a passcode protected area for customers to pick up their products or drop off items for engraving accessible at any time.

What if I cannot make it to the store during business hours?
Customer service is our number one priority, so let us know and we will meet you at the store when you are available.

Do you do engraving on existing trophies?
Yes, we offer same-day engraving on existing trophies.

What is your store address?
401 Wilson St. E, Ancaster, Ontario L9G 2C4

Do you ship?
Yes, we ship anywhere in North America (shipping & handling rates will apply). Feel free to call or or use our contact forms for remote orders and inquiries.

How long does it take to get an order fulfilled?
To ensure no timing issues, we ask that orders be placed at least a week in advance.