We offer four different types of awards:

Glass Awards – Glass awards are a great all around option. They are more scratch resistant than acrylic awards, but are heavier and more delicate than acrylic awards. Glass awards are a perfect option for employees who will be keeping the award at their desk.

Acrylic Awards – Acrylic awards look very similar to glass awards with a few differences. The acrylic, while still being in the glass category, is a thermoplastic. This means that the awards are much lighter and more durable than their glass and crystal counterparts. However, as acrylic awards are lighter and softer than the glass and crystal awards, they are more susceptible to small scratches. These scratches are easier to fix than on glass and crystal, and can usually be buffed out quickly. If you need any help with any award repairs, please feel free to contact us.

Crystal Awards – Crystal awards are a beautiful way to recognize top performing employees, with their signature sparkle being symbolic of the prestige that employee brings to the workplace. Due to a higher lead content than glass awards, crystal awards are the heaviest option in this category, however this is also what allows for the light diffraction and sparkle these awards create. 

Plaques – Plaques are a beautiful, classic way to recognize exemplary performance that can be updated over time. These awards are best suited for acknowledgements such as: Employee of the Month, Sport Season Champions, Most Valuable Player, Valedictorian Award etc.